Targatec AG has been absorbed by CNS Therapy AG

Targatec AG is a promising company with a working product based on breakthrough technology with a large potential commercial, governmental, security, law enforcement and consumer markets.

The company has developed a revolutionary handheld camera,  which can see through or into walls, clothing (including coats), packaging/ wrapping, suitcases, shoes, mattresses (prisons), pillows (prisons) and opaque containers to provide detailed video images of what is inside.

The camera provides images of concealed weapons such as guns and knives. It can provide images of hidden contraband such as drugs and explosives. It can also reveal images and construct maps of hidden wiring, conduit, plastic, studs, joists and metal pipes within walls, ceilings, roofs and floors.

The camera is light and produces images real time. The front or face of the camera can be placed against a wall, package or other such barrier and it provides a video image of the hidden contents on a rear facing screen on the back of the camera for user viewing.

Handheld MMW Imaging
•24 GHz imager ‘Looks’ into walls
•‘Looks Through’- Drywall, plaster, fabrics, wood, tile, others
•Detects- Plastic, metal, wood, water, dielectrics, others
–Detect- listening devices, explosives, contraband etc.
–24 GHz FMCW within ISM Band (no licensing)
–Active illumination
–Battery powered
–Low cost